Why do my post all seem to be before 6 in the morning?

:P................ I just realized that almost every weekday my posts are before or just after 6 o'clock in the morning. Eeks. That's a lot of early posts. I guess it's just due to the fact that I have other things to do when I get home. Homework, reading, writing, IM-ing. (No I sadly can't IM people while on blogger because my blogger gmail is different than my personal one)

Things I know are happening today:

The principal at the high school is coming over to talk to us. ALREADY! We'll get to know what classes we can take and so forth and I'll certainly post about my prospects after school! I'm glad this is happening during Social Studies and maybe a bit of Science, 'cause I am fed up with that Murder in Mississippi stuff.

2nd concert review. Did our chorus one yesterday, band one scheduled for today. :P Only part of band I really don't like. Didn't mind them so much at the beginning but this is my 7th band one and I'm getting sick of answering the same questions after EVERY concert. Seriously. It gets on my nerves.

Training jazz this morning. Oh how I LOVE those 45 minutes before school on Fridays. Always one of the best parts of the week. So what if I'm one of 2 8th graders there? So what if the wind players are just learning jazz and some new notes? So what if I'm way too good to be in it? I don't care. I'm in performance for the challenge. I'm in training because it's fun and I can just go around and play basically anything in the rhythm section that I want. It's wicked fun.....

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