Winner and Makeover

Comment Contest CLOSED and comment moderation is back on :) Before I get to the winners of the contest, I'd just like to say that I HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE BACKGROUNDS AND BUTTONS!!!!! (and they're good too) I celebrated by doing a makeover on Trumpet's Secret. The header and button are up and running, and here is a pic of the background. (Olive Tree or someone else who make their own backgrounds- how do I get it for Photobucket, properly on to my blog?)

Of course, a lot of thanks goes to Summer Driggs who created the elements!

And now for the comment contest winner!

There were 12 comments, I drew #11 and that means that SILVERSTAR  is the winner! Congrats Silverstar! This means that not only are you placed on the winners board, you also receive an award and element of your choice. That's background, header, avatar, or button for any of your blogs. Just comment on this post telling me what you want!


Glow Fish said...

Congrats Silverstar!

★Silverstar★ said...

Awesome! Thanks! :D

I would like a button for Randomness. I've actually already made it, but I don't have a Photobucket account yet to upload it on, so I need the code.

I know it's not very fancy, but I kind of like it simple. One thing I wasn't able to do though was to smooth out that seam between the two blue halves, so would you mind doing that?

Thanks again! ;)