It's Concert Day!!!!!!

Well, the big day has finally arrived! I remember looking back on last year's holiday concert and thinking 'next year is going to be really sad.' Because tonight is my FINAL, yes FINAL, holiday concert with my current band director. :'( So sad. High school concerts for the next 4 years but they won't compare. Anyhoo....We are doing very well despite our director being out for a week so that's really good of course. Plus I've figured out what is a highly complex plan to keep my trumpet and trombone completely safe when I don't need them. Like for chorus. Hmmmmm. maybe I should wrap this up and have some breakfast. It's almost time for school, LOL.

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Glow Fish said...

Good LUCK! :D I had my concert yesterday... I thought I did pretty good. (I play the flute.) :)