Today's Slightly Interesting Classes

Sitting in workshop and there's really nothing to do so I guess I'll just write about my classes today :)

Got to school at 7:35, threw everything into my locker and promptly went to the band room. There, Bella and Queen of the Bass Clef hung out talking and helping Mrs Barry get set up for the day before the bell rang. Fun, and it's really good to e helpful to your band director during concert week because they get reeeeeally stressed out. :)

First class of the day was French (Bonjour, mon amis!) and we had fun just telling about our weekends. Tomorrow we get back to work conjugating verbs. Next was Social Studies where we began to watch another 'R' rated movie. It's pretty funny that the 2 'R' rated movies I've seen have been in Social Studies class! (Of course they relate to the subject at hand, we watched 'Glory' last year when we were leaning about the Civil War and today we began 'Murder in Mississippi' because we are learning about the civil rights movement of the '60's)

Science wasn't that bad today. Elránia and I were lab partners doing a little light experiment. Not that bad. Also found out that not only is there Google Earth, but Google Moon, Google Mars, and Google Sky. SOOOOO COOL!!!

After Science was Band!!!! Woot woot! just worked on all our pieces for he concert. C'est trés bonne! Fantastique! (Sorry non French speakers, I'm trying to incorporate French into my speaking more)

Lunch was good, and after lunch I had Math where we reviewed for tomorrow's test, which was nice and then we worked on our research projects in LA. And finally, in workshop, I did this awesome post! YAY!!!!!!!!!

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