Tis the Season! (A tag from Gwyn)

1. Do you believe Jesus is the reason for the season?

2. Have you ever been in a Christmas Play? What were you?'s the list:

King Herod
3.What is your favorite thing you get in you stocking?
An orange. LOL.

4. What is your best Christmas memory?
I honestly don't know

5. What is your favorite Christmas beverage?
Hot chocolate!

6. What do you put on your tree top?
A star

7. Where do you get your tree?
We go to the nearest nursery. I know. Boring.

8. Do you go somewhere for Christmas or do you host?
We alternate every year. This year we're at home :)

9. Do you have any traditions?
Too many to count. I love that my mom always make coffee cake on Christmas morning

10. How much do you like Christmas?
C'est trés grande.

11. What do you do on Christmas Eve?
Go to the Christmas Eve services. Very calming and enlightening.

12. What do you do on Christmas Day?
Depends on the year really.

13. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Hmmm... I love so many but I'd have to say O Holy Night, and O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

14. What do you really want for a gift this year?
Well, I kinda already have like my only gift from my parents....yeah.....the trumpet

15. Favorite treat?
Nutmeg logs and peppermint bark.......

16. Do you usually have a white Christmas?
Often, but not always

17. What was the worst present you've ever gotten?
Socks. And underwear.

18. Who's your favorite reindeer?

19. The Christmas present you always wanted but never got?

20. Last one. What is the best thing about Christmas to you?
I really love the Christmas Eve services at my church

I tag everyone who said yes to the first question

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