As you know, I asked you all about changes that you would like to have happen and so I think you want to know some changes.

First about question 1:

It seems that in general most of you like my playlist, which is good, but maybe to have some more soothing background music as well. I can comply.

XanFan wants Beatles songs. Perhaps a few. I love the Beatles.

*Ripplestar* wants 76 Trombones. You know I'm not so sure.....


The main opinion is that some of the jazz tunes make it hard to concentrate.  I really like those songs but what I'm going to try and do is have a lot more quiet soothing songs then the jazz ones. Do you guys like Enya? Might put on some more.....


Seems you want more life posts. OK. If you really think it's going to be all that interesting to read, LOL.

√čarwen- I really don't think I'm going to be posting more often. I post at least once every day, LOL.

4.  Less contests, OK. I'm sticking to a quick comment contest once a month now.
Less sarcastic science class posts? Darn....those are fun to write......
Less BAND?!?!?!?!?!? Oh man....I thought I'd cut it down a lot since I first started...


XanFan- You will not be the highlight of future makeovers

Olive Tree- Yeah, thanks!

OK, Glow Fish

I'm glad you like them Breanne. Thank Olive Tree for that!


Fun to read, good posts, the playlist, I'm glad you guys love it!


XanFan- I have mentioned you several times actually.

Random posts. OK. I'll try to make things less confusing. I guess that's what happens when you're posting at 5:45 every morning.

Short posts about band. Sorry. Can't help it. You don't have to read them, I won't be offended :)

OK, *Ripplestar*. I'm quite tired of all these trombone related comments. I WILL NEVER change my blog title to 'Bass Clef'. The treble clef symbol is clearly marked out on my soul, and it shall stay there forever.


Seems you'd like more pics that I've taken. Yeah, so would I. I've actually had a lot that I wanted to post, but my computer was having uploading problems. I don't know if it works yet.

9. With the exception of my brother, everyone thought it was a good choice to follow. YAY!


Giving more awards and that kind of thing. OK!

More pictures, again OK

NO *Ripplestar*. Yes, I *do* play trombone, but I AM NOT going to make it the centerpiece of my blog! Do it on your own blog.

Thanks for the feedback everybody!


*Ripplestar* said...

:P Oh well. It was fun to write. And don't forget 76 trombones is about cornets too!

☮CherrystarLuv✿ said...

omg! i love enya! my dad used to have all her cds then he gave them to me! can you put orinico flow, only time, and paint the sky whith stars. those are my favorites!

Glow Fish said...

Love the new blog makeover! Very cute! :)

Glow Fish said...

Hey The Cornet Crazie, I just made an award for you on my blog (Fish Flakes)! Come pick it up... hope you like it! :)