Looking into the future...

Wow. Good day today but what I'm talking about is our peek into the future, and of high school. After hearing the principal at the high school talk, I'm actually pretty excited, yet kinda sad because I really like the school that I'm at. Anyway we talked about all the classes and electives and clubs and stuff. And all the credits you need to graduate. But I won't go into all the boring details I'll just tell you what I'm going to take next year. (I haven't actually signed up yet, that will happen on January 12th)

Clubs and After-School activities (more might be added, it depends)

Marching Band
1 or 2 of the Jazz Bands
The Musical (either having a part or playing in the pit)

Classes (certainly going to happen!)

English (9)
Phys. Ed.
Math II
French II
World History
Honors Biology
Concert Band
Wind Ensemble

In high school I'm really only going to be playing trumpet family stuff (the band director already wants me to be trying fluglehorn!) And then if I make Jazz Ensemble on trumpet I'll probably try the Jazz 2 band on trombone. But mostly just trumpet, cornet, and fluglehorn, I think.

So yeah. That's my plan for clubs and classes next year. Exciting! Other kids from my school: What are you thinking about for next year? (If you're graduating from 8th grade this year)


Dreamstar said...

Your award is on W.O.A.H!

Queen of the Bass Clef said...

Hehe. I get another year Mahoney to be with Mrs. Barry! Hopefully she won't call me Sally.