Feeling the Christmas Cheer

Today was really fun. I'll go through some of it now.

At 9 o'clock was the Christmas pageant. I was assistant directing and me and 3 trumpet friends got to play during the hymn 'O Come All Ye Faithful' which was really fun.

Then there was a second service at 11, where Elránia and I were playing in the bell choir which was fun too. Also there was a very nice sermon 'Upside down Christmas' 

Then I came home and had a fun afternoon. I worked on my second presents for Bella, Hannah, Elránia, Olive Tree, and Super Gato. I'm really pleased with how they came out, but unfortunately I cannot tell you what they are because all 5 of them could be reading this post right now. (If you really wanna know, please e-mail) I love coming up with fun gifts for friends.

I also had a good chat on the phone with Olive Tree. Olive Tree- I'll probably drop your present off on Christmas Eve and Hopefully we can get together over vacation! She stopped by my house yesterday and gave me a FABULOUS gift, that is actually kinda hard to explain. It's a little heart shaped box with some AMAZING decorations all on it and it's soooooooo beautiful.

Finally, I did another craft project and that was to begin work on my gifts for teachers. I made these little gift tags/ornaments to go on a bag of chocolate peace cookies. On the front of the tag it has a light blue square and a dark blue border and on the little square I stamped and embossed a navy dove. On the back it says 'Peace on Earth' in silver sharpie. So I'll make the cookies tomorrow and tie the tags and that gift will be all done!

Gotta go help with supper now- Pasta and Bean Soup. Yum! How are the holiday preparations coming for you guys?

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