Ho Hum in Science

Science class know what that means :)

I means I'm bored which means it's time to have a very random post!

This font size is so big because it's the only way I can read it! Eye doctor's appointment after school...

So far I've made 1 avatar and 2 headers for people. I really like how they came out. They will be posted along with my 400th post. Also making Hannah a header in workshop this afternoon. 

:P Because I am having a hard time reading it makes it hard to work on Trumpet's Secret. Boo-hoo. 

It also makes it hard to read music! My band director's solution? She takes all my music away and says "Listen and do it from memory!" Thanks......

I'm a vegetarian. Yeah for like 2 whole weeks. LOL.

K, I'd better wrap this up, gotta run to band sectional! Bye!!!



Emma said...

that's awesome that you're a veggie!!! I love that you are and I wish I could be one, but unfortunately I cannot give up my bacon =]

Anonymous said...

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Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

Aww i know it was very annoying to watch TV or drive before i got glasses! I hope you get them soon!

I am Suzuki trained in music so i like doing it from memory. I am sorry you cannot read your music!


•The Cornet Crazie• said...

i honestly don't MIND doing my music memorized. it's just it's kinda hard when you don't need to have it memorized and your teacher takes it away from you. ya know?

emma-i thought bacon would be the hardest to give up, but it really isn't!