Concert coming up!

Wow! I can't believe that our first concert of the year is in 2 weeks! Yep. The 16th. I'm really excited, but of course, I'm like that before every concert. Just ask my friends. I actually don't know what we are going to be playing for jazz band in the concert (uh-oh) but *hopefully* we'll find out tomorrow. The 8th grade band is playing some cool pieces too. Marching Song (which is a lot cooler then the name implies) Rhythm Machine and Sleigh Ride. So so so excited! And as an added bonus- we got our honors band music!!! Yay! It's looks really hard, but REALLY fun. Trumpet lesson soon, gotta go work on Trumpet's Secret!

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Queen of the Bass Clef said...

Yep, go concert!! The Seventh Grade is playing Anniversary March, Declaration in Blue, and Christmas Canon!