Good concert

Good concert last night. Wasn't stellar but everything was OK. I think I did pretty well, any mistakes that I made were very minor, but I think I played it best yesterday in sectional. Oh well, it was fun and the chorus sounded FANTASTIC! (like, for once) We got a new chorus teacher this year and she is AWESOME! So I felt really ready to sing our three songs memorized.

On another note, I FINALLY finished this huge project that we've been working on since before Thanksgiving for LA. It's a culture research project (Don't ask me why we didn't do it in Social Studies!) on a country. I picked Belize, and it was fun because I went there in 5th grade. Anyway we had to do 5 pages of research on different topics: flag, food and entertainment, the people, geography, and landmarks. We then combined them into a loooong essay, or research paper if you prefer. Finally (in 3 days!) we had to do a poster with all the information. I finished it last night and had A LOT of fun with it. (I always do on posters!) I think my teacher is going to be kinda surprised when she she's that I took up all the space on my poster, and that there are NO printed images on it except for a black and white map that I colored in. Yes, I drew the flag freehand without looking at a picture. Same for the Mayan ruin Xunantunich and everything else. Anyway, I present it today and I am happy because I love getting up in front of the class and talking.

Wow that was a long post! Have a good day everybody!

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