An Ending And Reflection

I just can't believe that today it will be over! So much has changed since the beginning of this year. At first I hated my math teacher and thought the others were OK, but now it's pretty much the opposite. And I've just learned so much. I've excelled in math. I got my trumpet. I learned what truly makes a good teacher and a bad teacher. Just look at how wonderful this blog has become! I felt pride when I finished my novel. I can speak French pretty well now. I've learned to live, really live. I combated swine flu. I polished my dream. I learned clarinet and mallet percussion. I joined the high school marching band. Friends and social groups morphed and changed a bit. I learned to say goodbye. It's been an interesting year, and that's for sure! And well, I've still got today. A day filled with a fun field trip with my class during the day and goodbyes and graduation in the afternoon and evening. It's a good way to end it.


∞Ripplestar∞ said...

:( No more crazy jazz practices with you..... and Liam and Taylor and Bella. :'(

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

*sigh* nope. those jazz practices...well, i can't stop laughing about them- we were so funny :)

∞Ripplestar∞ said...

yeah, i bet old town can't do better than us in that way!