My life is CRAZY!!!

Insane. Crazy. Whatever you wanna call it- that's my life. This will be a kinda random post about what's happened since my last post.

The first two days of spirit week have gone well! Tomorrow is 'grade color day' and the eighth graders have to wear gray and purple. Blah.....boring colors.

So this morning when I woke up (at 5:30 as usual) I rolled out of bed when I wasn't really awake yet- and I slammed my head on my doorframe. Just lovely. And painful.

Science class is driving me INSANE. He treats us like we're 3rd graders. I mean, honestly! We're in 8th grade, we shouldn't be watching Bill Bye movies all the time!

In math class our final big grade is our toothpick bridge project. My friend Liam and I are a team and we began building our supports today. We've got a really strong design :)

Band sounded really good today especially our LoTR medley. And I got a solo in chorus! I'm so excited for the concert- it's in exactly ONE WEEK!!!!!!

On a relative topic, after band I had to figure out some logistics of the song I'm conducting (solos, background parts, cuing, etc.) with Mrs Barry and I think I've got it down now; which is good. Conducting at a concert is gonna be fuuuuuuunnnnn.

And I filmed for my French skit today, and I went to a trumpet lesson, and I did some homework and now I'm eating dinner. Good night to you all. 


Selena Gomez said...

Yikes. Thats very busy! My schedule isn't NEARLY as crazy, especially now that gymnastics has ended. Meaning all I will really do for any day after school is math tutoring on Mondays. Three more Mondays... Three more...

I rarely get homework, but I know what you mean about math teachers/science teachers being annoying. Mr. W has spent most of the last few days explaining to us about protein synthesis. It could in theory be interesting, but when your 58 year old math and science teacher is teaching you (I swear he has a monotone!), it can get horribly boring! He also teaches ASL which I (thankfully,) haven't had, but apparently it is boring. Luckily I have Mr. F right after and he and Sensei (who is my 6th period) are my two favorite teachers! Mr. F is my La/Social Studies teacher, and is SO cool, right now we are doing Persian Miniatures which are pretty cool.

We ran the mile yesterday in gym. Not my idea of fun. Also I got hit on the head with a basketball in gym-- also not my idea of fun...

This is probably getting pretty boring, but I could go on for [i]hours[/i] about my rather boring life, so I'll keep it like this. I hope you enjoy getting comments...


•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Oh yeah. I love comments, don't worry.

You're so lucky that you rarely get homework! Grades for my close next Wednesday and I've still got bucketloads of final projects and stuff. Yuck. It seems like you have interesting teachers....just like me! :)