An Ideal Forecast

Thunderstorms all day!!!!! There's a huge chance that XanFan's baseball game and my softball games will be canceled- and I'm serious. I'd like it to be that way. that way I can spend the day inside doing homework and working on cards for my teachers because I don't think that I'm going to have any time for that this week. My aunt is also coming up to stay for the day and if the games are indeed canceled- me, my aunt and my mom will go shopping. :) I still need my sandals, a bathing suit and some frames for my pictures. That'll be fun.

On another note, remember yesterday when I told you how at the pizza party all the 8th graders would get awards? Yeah? Mine was the: It's OK if Mrs Barry isn't here, because SALLY IS! award, which was funny. They were all really great and she would tell these little stories about each person before she gave the award which was fun.

I'm off to eat some breakfast- a sea salt bagel from the bakery down the street. Yum!


The Golden Eagle said...

I love thunderstorms, despite the electricity risk.

Mmmm. Bagels! :)

∞Ripplestar∞ said...

You'd rather do homework than play softball? Wow. Sort of like how you don't like snowdays, you weirdo!!! ;)

Olive Tree said...

Hey Sally! Guess what? I am once again on Blogger! New URL here:

I'd be soooo happy if you'd do a post about it for me...

Bella said...

oh, yeah. i still need a bathing suit for sebago. are you making cards for all of your teachers, or just a few? :)

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Bella: Not all of them no.