So...we're done.

Yesterday totally did not feel like the last day of school. For one thing, it was a Monday. For another, it was a whole day of school. (It's usually only like 3 hours) We (my whole 8th grade class) went to Point Sabago and had quite a nice day on the beach. I brought my camera....but then I didn't know what to take a picture of! :P The water was chilly but I went in twice, and the second time, Bella and I stayed in for a while actually. (The trick was to keep your shoulders under the water) We got back around two, and when to homeroom for or final report cards. High honors again, yippee! At 2:15 school was officially out, and so I went to say goodbye to my teachers and then it was back home to prepare for graduation! Graduation was good and well, here we are! Brand-new freshman, class of 2014. We did it. we made it through middle school.  HOORAY FOR US!


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Yay! Have fun... our last day is monday.