blog party, questions and what i've been up to

Yesterday I hung out with Ripplestar at her camp out on Cushings Island (near Peaks). Got some good pics of forts the lighthouses back on the mainland and some flowers which will be posted while I am away at camp! I'm also working on a project for camp and will post pics of that tomorrow. Phew! The catch-up is over.

I am entering Bleah Briann's blog party! You can check it out too be clicking HERE.

Justin Beiber or Adam Young?
Is this a trick question? Beiber sounds like a girl and OWL CITY ROCKS.

The Prince Of Peace or Lord of Lords (trick question)? *haha*
As a title I prefer Prince of Peace

Peaches or Apricots?
Apricots are gross. I like peaches though.

Blogger or Facebook?
I have both and like them each for different reasons.....I love my blog more.

Myspace or Twitter?
I have neither so yeah.

Computers or Cell Phones?

Peaches and Cream or Strawberry Shortcake
Totally strawberry shortcake. Had it the other night.....without the shortcake. :'( (our oven is still dead)

Stripes or Polka Dots?
Stripes but I love both.

Pink or Blue?
BLUE!!! I hate pink :P

Black or White?
If it's fall or winter, then black. Spring and summer, white.

Skirts or Shorts?

Jeans or Slacks?
Jeans. (aka what I wear virtually every day)

Sneakers or Flats?
If they're my converse then sneakers.

Sandels or Flip flops?
Flip flops = my liiiiife (jk, that's music)

Once Upon a Time or The End?
The End

History or Mathematics?
Math. :D

Awards or Tags?
I like a healthy mix of both.

Ballet or Soccer?
Soccer...though I'd prefer a jam session over either.

Keyboard or Pen and Paper?
Depends on what I'm doing.

E-mail or Hand Written Letters?
Again, it depends.

Candles or Flashlights?
They can both be useful but I'd have to say candles.

TV or Books?
There could be no other answer but books!

Action or Romance?

Cats or Dogs?
Cats. I. Do. Not. Like. Dogs. At. All.

More Questions or Stop Now?
I'm cool either way

So yeah. As a blogger, I don't get many questions from my readers but if there are any question that you'd like to ask me, just say in a comment and I'll include the answers in my next post :)


Anonymous said...

Laying in the grass under the sun or dancing in the ice cold rain?

MadiShae said...

Having questions are cool.

Danielle said...

So awesome!