Assorted Photos {Yes, it's a lame title}

School was pretty basic today. Since I've finally gotten the uploading process to work again (FINALLY!) I thought that I'd share some pics with you!

These first ones were from a trip that my mom and I took to the farmer's market a couple weeks ago.

And these next three I took around my house and neighborhood and they will be used for something special (Can't really post it if you wanna know what they're for)

And finally, one of my favorites...

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


Alexandra said...

Cool pictures! I especially love the last one, and the 2nd one :)

Anonymous said...

My my! I just love flowers!

Caroline said...

Those are beautiful and so well taken! I love the last three!:)

The Golden Eagle said...

Nice photos!

Maggie said...

I love the picture third to last. Thanks for sharing them with us. The farmer's market is always a great place to get pictures. I also love the farmers market because there are free samples, yum!


Emma said...

I absolutely LOVE the last four.

Sarah said...

Wow, these pictures are SO beautiful!

I love the onions :)

S a r a h