Just a quick post...

So I don't have a lot of time because I'm in workshop (study hall) and school gets out in 11 minutes but oh well. This will be quick.

Today was a good Friday. We had two subs.... :P but it wasn't that bad. In fact- I strongly preferred our science sub to our regular teacher! Haha.

But there were no band classes for me, so sadness....

After school I've got a pizza party with all the jazz members from this year...and 8th graders all get special awards. And they are HILARIOUS. I can't wait to see which one I got!

Another great thing is that our laptops were supposed to be taken away today but there was a change of plan and they are really being taken away on Monday. :)

So I guess I'll wrap up this sloppy, choppy post and I promise I'll post something better either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

See ya!

*note to self* pick up 8th grade social permission slip in office after school.....

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