Summer 2010...It's Here Already!

Yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking. This crazy girl's been out of school for a whole entire week and she's just now getting around to posting about what her summer's gonna be like. Believe me. I know. But since I forgot about it before, today is the perfect day to do it because today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year! So really, summer started today- NOT a week ago when I got out of school. ;)

So what do I have planned? A few things. Here's the list:

Camps- two weeks of Pilgrim Lodge. June 27-July 3 and August 8-14. Also a week of band camp in the middle of July.

LOTS and LOTS of reading. I read a lot during the school year too, but unfortunately the homework deal makes it hard. During the summer though I can usually get through a good sized novel a day. Maybe I'll even head to the library after I write this post!

Practice practice practice! No way am I letting my trumpet/cornet/trombone just sit in it's case all summer. I've got marching band starting at the end of August and I'm determined to get 1st or 2nd chair at band camp...

Projects. Photography, creating the desk for my room, maybe compose a couple things, write stuff for Anecdote, etc...

Beach time. Hang time with friends. BLOGGER TIME. It's gonna be a good summer.

(Not to mention maybe....a new profile picture?)

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The Golden Eagle said...

Looks like your summer will be fun! :)