And another week is upon us

Yawn...back to school today. Yesterday's parade went very well despite some absolute craziness at the beginning. Late people, rude parents, almost one whole trumpet rank missing. I was finally able to figure out what to do with these kids who would be alone in their rank (and that included me 'cause i gave up my spot to a 6th grader nice head section leader that I am) because we were missing the other 6 people in that rank. Anyway, after sorting everybody else out, there was only one spot left in the band for the middle of the percussion section between a bass drum and the cymbals. Let's just say that during the parade I couldn't even hear myself yelling and but the time everything was over my ears were ringing. It was a good parade.

This week at school the Student Council put together a Spirit Week and today is sport's day. Now I love Spirit Week but to tell you the truth I was pretty blank on what to do for sport's day. They said to show support for your favorite sport. I had Red Sox stuff- lots of that. No. I could steal some of XanFan's Celtics stuff, Red Claws stuff and Bruin's stuff. No, no, and no. My old softball team? No. Sea Dogs? No. I couldn't decide! None of these sports struck me as 'favorite'. But then last night I had an ingenious idea. I knew what my favorite sport was! Marching band. YES, it IS a sport. (In fact, when things get messed up it can turn into a pretty nasty CONTACT sport- but let's not go there) Anyway, so i've go jeans and my marching band t-shirt on with a sign taped to it that says "YES marching band IS a sport''. I've got my drill notebook from last year around my neck, a piece of chalk in one pocket and some valve oil and my polishing cloth in the other. Go marching band!

I'm such a band geek :)


The Golden Eagle said...

Congrats the parade went well!

Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

COngrats on the Parade!

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