Why Treble Clef?

Many of us start out blogging with a blog with not the best blog title. A title that doesn't really represent the author- or the blog. Thankfully though, we are able to come up with a name that suits the blog more. Examples?

Blog of Stories to Anecdote
Awesome Horse Stuff to Of Elven Elrania and Her Horse
Life of the Olive to (of) Horsefeathers
and of course,
Cornet Crazie in Action to Treble Clef.

So when I started this lovely blog I thought that I only had to post about band. Well, it got kinda boring. Why not just post about life in general? The original name still fit, but it wasn't cool, and snappy and really me. So I thought. And thought. And thought some more... and by this time I had really figured out what the music meant to me. I had begun teaching myself the trombone. I'm not really sure when I decided to switch for certain but it may have been around May or June of last year. I don't know. :P Anyhoo, I think it was actually Olive Tree that suggested the name Treble Clef- and it started to grow on me. Treble Clef. It seemed almost perfect. The treble clef seemed free and optimistic, elegant and spirited- and of course, a well known musical symbol. So I decided to give it a try...and it stuck. It clicks with me and anyway, Cornet Crazie is a better username then a blog title :)


Emma said...

True! I've kept my blog name Summer Girl all throughout my blogging life, and I'm starting to get a little bored of it. But then I realize that it definitely describes who I am, and it's still there!

Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

It took me forever to find my title for my blog. I have so many friends who have changed it!

My title means alot to me,
thought it might not to everyone else.
My title doesnt make much sense
to anyone but myself!

In Christ

Fallenleaf said...

I like my blog title, Owl Review A Book but it's pretty loong :P

Olive Tree said...

Don't forget, though, that HorseFeathers *was* initially called HorseFeathers. ;)