Remember Olive Tree?

She's BACK! Our long-lost friend Olive Tree who left blogger several months ago had decided to return. (And she'll be giving Treble Clef it's new summer makeover too!) Her new blog can be found HERE so I hope that you decide to hop on over and check it out. Never met Olive Tree? You're missing out on befriending a great person :)

In other news, there's a severe thunderstorm going on right now and yeah, I'm sitting here on a computer *sheepish smile* Also tomorrow I begin my infamous 'Crazy week to top all other crazy weeks'. It'll be fun.


Selena Gomez said...

Thats great Cornet! I hope to meet her!


Olive Tree said...

Hmm, I *do* like this new look!

Selena Gomez said...

AND, the new look is AWESOME, I was looking through your old posts when I went to another post and it changed, and WOW! LOVE IT!


Audrey; (AyC) said...

LOVE the makeover :) (well, i didnt know what it was before but that is irrelevant, it looks awesome NOW). it doesn't stop raining here either :(

totally agree with the crazy week thing. Schools coming to a close... exams.. stress.. craziness :P
thanks for visiting my blog!

♥Warriors101♥ said...

I love thunder storms! I stayed up watching it :) And thats great that Olive Tree is back!! And I love the new look! :)