You want amazing? I'll give you AMAZING.

Last night was just.....incredible. (Incroyable!) In case you did not know, it was my final band concert and I couldn't have hoped for it to be any better. Conducting the band was ohsomuchfun, although it was strange having my back to the audience- but I think that the jazz band played that song (Green Onions) the best that they'd ever played it. Was fun :)

The 8th grade band also wanted to do something special for Mrs Barry at the end of the concert so yesterday morning I made a giant card and throughout the day me and Bella and Liam were able to have everyone sign it with a little note and then before the last song me, Bella, Liam and Jakob presented it to her with an 'elaborate and awesome' boquet of flowers and some chocolate. She was really happy and everything was great.

Concert band was just.......phenomanal. For the people who had solos- they were extremely good!!

So that was it! My final 8th grade concert *sob*. Well, in other news:
  1. Grades
     closed yesterday so I don't have to do ANY MORE WORK in middle school
  2. We get our high school schedules today!!!!
  3. We get our yearbooks today and get to sign them during last period.


The Golden Eagle said...

Amazing! :)

Maggie said...

Horray for school comming to an end for you. I can't believe you are already getting your highschool schedules, we don't get our schedules until early August.

It's always sad to have a last something, like your last middle school band concert. But I am so glad it went well for you and that you enjoyed it! :)


Acadia said...

I saw the concert I was there it was also my Chores concert. Your amazing!