Island Adventures

Happy Father's Day everybody! (And especially to all the dads out there- lol)
My family did some fun stuff to celebrate, and I think that you'll have fun reading this post as I not only recorded the days events in pictures....I captured some movies too. 

Part I- Breakfast

We went to a nice little diner for breakfast. I had this yummy hot chocolate to drink- and I started choking on the whipped cream when XanFan said something ridiculous. Was funny.

This was my breakfast when it first arrived- all steaming hot.

And then after....

It was very yummy! XanFan on the other hand, decided that he needed this HUGE meal.

But he ate it all, so what can I say? 

Part II: The Ferry

Of course, to get to the island you need to ride a boat of some sort, and we took the ferry. We had a bit of a wait so we parked the bikes and.....waited.

For future reference, my bike is the blue one and it's waaaay too small for me.

The ferry was right on time, and I was able to snap this picture as we pulled away from the docks.

You know what I realized? I never actually told you where we were going! My family was headed out to Peaks Island for the day to bike around and hopefully find a beach. Anyway, once we left the harbor, I realized that my camera had a video function. So I took advantage of it.


Part III: Arrival

Here's where the ferry docked on the island: 

After getting off, we walked up the hill and I took some photos of nearby sites and stuff, such as this sign on one of the stores,

 And the view looking back down the hill.

I don't hold with graffiti at all, but this sign was too cool to resist taking a picture of.

We found a map, and then it was time to bike!

Part IV: Biking

So we set off around the island. One of the first things to happen was that I decided that trying to take a video while riding my too-small bike was a good idea.

We also saw many great sights such as these:

The beaches were very rocky- but hey! Rocks are great for stacking!

They're also good for running around and capturing video....

Some rocks also had this neat sticky seaweed on them!

There were also many flowers along the beaches. They smelled SO good.

Part V: The Beach

As we finished our loop around the island, we found a beach that was nice and sandy. Ironically enough, it was called, you guessed it, Sandy Beach.

We had lots of fun, though the water was extremely cold.

XanFan and I had a sandcastle competition. Which was fun.

This seagull was also hanging around so I just HAD to take his picture. And a final movie.

 Finally we finished up the day with some ice cream. Cheers!

*note* Sigh...I'm extremely sorry but the funny videos refused to upload. :'( If you are dying to see them, email me and I'll send them to you.


Eldarwen said...

The ice-cream looks delicious!! Happy Father's Day to your dad! =D

[Laurea] said...

O.M.G.! We have a stop sign in my town, two blocks away from my house, that says "don't STOP believin'" on it too! Weird coincidence.


Alexandra said...

The view is gorgeous! Looks like you guys had fun :D

I would like to see the videos! My e-mail is: