Make the World Happy Challenge

Peak's was really fun yesterday and I think we played really well. The big parade is this morning of course and I hope it goes as well as yesterday did! Now while I was chatting online with my good friend Bella I made this little list. And I think that I'm going to really try and do these things. And I'm challenging you to do the same. Before I tell you the list let me explain this little challenge.

It's called the Make the World Happy Challenge and it's centered around this list of five things that I made yesterday. Anyone can do these things- they're not dependent on religion or where you live or anything. And the challenge is for you to do all these things every day for ONE WEEK. (June 1-7) You ready to hear what these 5 things are?

5 things everyone should do every day

    1)    Say good morning to at least five people- it will make them smile and put a good spin on their day

    2)    Laugh so hard that your stomach hurts and you're almost crying- It's one of the best feelings in the world.

    3)    Give someone that you care about a hug- Let them know what they mean to you.

    4)    Listen to music that makes you happy and share it with a friend- More music equals a better world.

    5)    Live every moment of your life out loud- It's the only way you can truly be alive.

It's really that easy. And it can brighten someone's day and make the world better. Isn't that just awesome? So here's what you do:

You can take the little button on my sidebar and put it on your blog. Please post that you're doing this on your blog and link it into my McLinky at the bottom of this post. (under signature)

Try it for a week and on the 8th I'll do a discussion post where there is no comment moderation so we can share our thoughts on this project. Ready....Set....GO!!!


Selena Gomez said...

Good luck in the parade today!


horse lover said...

PS: I did your challenge!!

horse lover said...

(on the poll) I homeschool. And even then we don't do much. It's kind of important cuz they took God out of school.

♥Warriors101♥ said...

I'll do it! :)