First Softball Games and Marching Band

Ohhhhhh I am aching ALL over. We had our first softball games today (A double header) and we lost them both. The first one was awful, 21-4, but the second one was better, 8-6. All and all not the best games, but oh well. My shoulder hurts, and I am ready for some olive and green pepper pizza for dinner!!!!

Other news is that our first marching practice for the parade is tomorrow morning from 9-10:30. I get to miss my very *favorite* classes, Social Studies and Science! (I really hope that you caught the sarcasm there...) The forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms tomorrow...not during practice!!!!!!

Anyway, that's about it, just don't forget to join in with the blog parade fun! (by the way, the questions should be answered on your blog :D )

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Ripplestar said...

I get to miss math :) and (sadly) Spanish.