Band and Amusment Park- What's Better Than That?

Today was just awesome. Our band went to this thing called the Funtown Festival of Concert Bands. Funtown is a really cool amusement park about a half hour away from where I live, by the way. Anyhoo, we first went to this middle school in the morning and did a performance and worked in a little clinic for a bit, and then it was back to the bus and on to Funtown! Most of the time there I was with a big group of lots of my friends. The girls: Me, Bella, Hannah, Hannah, Ellie, Emily, Haley, Cassidy, and  Chloë. The boys: Liam, Taylor, Jon, Chris, Jakob, Gilead, Harel, Christian and Colin. So, as you can see, we had quite a large group! It was really great when our whole group filled up the ride, especially on my two favorite rides: Excalibur and Dragon's Descent. Excalibur is this really fast old wooden roller coaster and it was so much fun! I only went on it four times (which isn't a lot for me) but it was great all the same. I was kinda afraid of going on Dragon's Descent at first because I'd gone on it with Bella two years ago and hated it. But I decided to give it another chance, and this time I had so much fun I actually went on it twice! Dragon's Descent is on of those rides where there's a car around this really big square pillar and you go really high up (as high as 22 stories!!!!!) and it stops at the top for like 15 seconds and you can see for so far and your just dangling there loosely strapped in and drops. Really fast. What a thrill!!!! Of course I went on many other rides but those where my favorites =^.^= I had so much fun hanging with all my friends and going on the rides. It was just a really awesome day.

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Ripplestar said...

Those rides and the Sea Dragon are my favs.!