Time Just Flies

I'm just flabbergasted! I know I've done a post recently about the craziness of time, but I thought I'd let you know what's coming up for me since we got some more detail on some of these events today. I've linked to posts from last year about some of these events, and I suggest that you read them. Some are pretty funny :)

Sunday May 30- Peak's Island Parade. I live near the ocean :) and out in the ocean are of course, lots of islands. One of the biggest and closest to us is Peak's Island. Every year they have a Memorial Day weekend parade (on the Sunday) and many years they invite my school's 8th grade band to come and play! It's really fun because it's just the 8th grade and a few 7th graders, we get to play Taps and the Star Spangled Banner as well as our marching song, we get to ride the ferry and there's a cookout after. A really fun day. (Wanna hear about the crazy time we had at Peak's last year? Click HERE)

Monday May 31- Memorial Day Parade. So just our basic parade. La la la. Fun, cool, yelling at your rank to much. Good times. (Read about last year's experience HERE)

June 7-9ish- Final Testing? Glog....This is just when I *think* our last tests will be. Oh so so so not looking forward to these giant horrors. I'd better start reviewing everything.......

Oh yeah! During this part of June (8ish-15ish) we're gonna have lot's of family up here which should be cool :)

June 8th- 5th grade step-up day. LOL. That means my bro (and all the other 5th grader) are coming up to my school to meet teachers....and listen to the spring jazz band! This is so fun 'cause we get to show them how awesome being in the jazz band really is! (last year's performance- HERE)

June 9- Final Concert. Gulp. I just can't believe it's the end...I was sad at the end of the 6th grade last concert but I just thought to myself 'Oh well. I've still got two more years' and at the end of last year's- 'Oh well. I still have one more year.' Well, uh, those years are almost up, so yeah. Saaaadness. (Read about last year's awesome 7th/8th final concert HERE and HERE)

June 11- Step Up Day. Going to the high school for a few hours. 'Nuff said.

June 12- 8th Grade Social. Woot! It's the 8th grade dance and it's actually semi-formal which is pretty cool because all our other dances are wicked casual. I actually just tried on my dress which I like very much. It's a sparkly blue and black. Now all I need is some cute strappy black sandals (preferably with a bit of a heel 'cause I'm so short :P ) and I'll be all set!

June 13- Confirmation Sunday. Wow. So I've been working on the confirmation program at church with 8 other teens since January and on June 13 we'll be confirmed which is pretty cool. It's been a great journey :)

June 14- Field Trip! At the end of every school year the whole grade takes a field trip. In 8th grade we get to go to Point Sabago on well, Sabago Lake. My social studies teacher was telling us a bit about it today and it sounded like it will be really fun! They've got tennis and basketball courts, mini golf, an arcade, picnic tables, volleyball, and of course the beach and lake for swimming! And the cool thing is that our teachers are encouraging us to bring iPods to listen to and gum and all the other things they normally yell at us about. (Last year's trip was an interesting one! Read about it HERE)

June 14 (also)- Last Day of School and Graduation. So we'll be at Point Sabago for the day and we get back around two, fifteen minutes before our last day ends. And for me, 2:15 on June 14, 2010 is more of the ending then graduation. I don't know why. It just won't be the same when I go back that night for graduation because, idk, I really won't be a student there anymore. It'll be kinda really odd actually. So I guess after the final bell I'll go take a last look around the place as a student there. Say good-bye. Leave. Come back later that night for graduation, but as soon as I leave the building after school that day, that's when it's really over. :( (Read about the coolness of my last day of 7th grade HERE and HERE)

So yeah. That's my life coming up. Busy, isn't it? :) :) :)