*pant pant*

Did I mention yesterday that the heat was supposed to break today? No? Well, it doesn't matter because guess what. THE HEAT DIDN'T BREAK. As my most recent Facebook status states... "Being in school while it's 90º out FOR TWO DAYS STRAIGHT is not my kind of fun. And it doesn't help that the second floor of the school is practically the same temperature that it is outside. Yuck." Even fans weren't helping. The best part of the day was lunch, because the cafeteria is in the basement which was nice and cool :) But right before lunch was not so pleasant. Gym class. Running the mile. Just plain awful. :P

On a lighter note, my brother has his first ever band concert tonight on the trombone! It's the 5th and 6th graders and I think it should be fairly fun.


fallenleaf said...

Haha my school has the opposite problem, outside it's HOT but inside it's FREEZING!!!

[Laurea] said...

It's 93 where I live today and tomorrow it's supposed to be the same and I have to RUN A MILE during the hottest part of the day!