Welcome to my Blog Parade/Party!

It's time to PARTY!!!!!!! I've just passed the 550 blog posts mark and I have 80 amazing followers, and that is all reason to celebrate! As with many parties there will be a giveaway and a question/answer thing. First for the giveaway:

3 people will win custom header/avatar combos!!!
(I would do a full makeover, but I'm having HTML problems. I CAN find you a matching background to go with it though) 

This is how you enter...
1st entry- Comment on this post saying that you want to enter

2nd entry- Comment saying that you are following my blog

3rd entry- Post about the party and giveaway and put the link to that post in a comment

4th entry- Comment saying that you've put the blog parade picture at the top of this post on your blog.

Now this is separate from the giveaway, but here is the questions part:

1. Why do you have the blogger name that you have?

2. Do you have any siblings?

3. Coke or Pepsi?

4. What are your feelings about thunderstorms?

5. Do you prefer the sound of a trumpet, or the sound of a flute?

6. Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, or Carnivore?

7. What is your ideal pet?

8. Describe your dream life when you grow up.

9. Pick a color and write a poem about it.

10. Compose a song or conduct the band?

11. Novels or comics?

12. Laptops or desktop? Macs or PC's?

13. Would you like to go sky diving?

14. Do you want to learn to surf?

15. WHich are you more afraid of- Sharks, bears or snakes?

16. When writing- cursive, print or combination?

17. Red Sox or Yankees?

18. Do you wear glasses/contacts?

19. Do you follow over 100 blogs?

20. What is your favorite type of music?



Eldarwen said...

I'm content with my header (which was made by you, btw;), but can I do the questions and answers post-thingy?? :D (I would include a link to your party as well:)


Ripplestar said...

1st entry- I would like to enter.
2nd entry- I follow your blog.
3rd entry- Here is the link:
4th entry- I have put the picture on my blog!

1. My blogger name is Ripplestar because I love Warriors!
2. No.
3. Coke.
4. I absolutely LOVE thunderstorms!
5. Uh, I like both!
6. Vegetarian!
7. Chinchilla.
8. I will be a band director and teach amazing kids how to play music!
9. Purple. Love is in the air. Amazingness all around. Colors.
10. Conduct the band!
11. Novels.
12. Laptops. Macs.
13. Totally!!!!!
14. Sure!
15. Bears.
16. Combo!
17. RED SOX!!!!!!!!
18. Nope.
19. No.
20. Jazz!

Hayhay said...

I am totally in, Cornet Crazie! Oh, and I'm a follower! ;)

The Golden Eagle said...

I am a follower!

The Golden Eagle said...

I want to enter this!!!

The Golden Eagle said...

Here's the link to my post:

The Golden Eagle said...

I've put the {blog} parade picture on my blog. :)

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

Thanks for entering everybody! Eldarwen- yes they are separate.

Bella said...

hehe. these questions look fun. but i am good with my header and things.

1. because... it's my name?
2. yes
3. pepsi, but i've never had either :)
4. love them!
5. trumpet, actually
6. vegomnivore
7. i already have my ideal pet: my dog
8. long sunny days spent creating art at my large home in italy. husband, maybe some kids. a dog. yup.
9. green- nature's color
the hopeful pigment of life
bringing joy to all
10. conduct!
11. novel
12. laptop, mac
13. totally!
14. YES.
15. snakes
16. uh, combination
17. red sox
18. no
19. not even close
20. umm, all kinds.

Miststar/Berrystar said...

1st entry- i want to enter

2nd entry- i am following

3rd entry- i will do that right after i finish answering this

4th entry- see above

Now this is separate from the giveaway, but here is the questions part:

1. because it consists the names of the leaders of the two clans i own Miststar of Amberclan and Berrystar of Berrryclan

2. one VERY annoying 5 year old sister

3. pepsi

4. scary doesnt give me enuf sleep

5. flute

6. vegitarian- i cannot live without pancakes and omelletes

7. fish

8. amazing doctor
-witha mansion the color of the sky in summer
thoughtful kind and has a pet kitty

9. (limellow=lime and yellow)
"The color limellow the colors you would find in a meadow. relaxing and bold, you would see this in the season thats cold."
unless its puke or something <- not part of poem

10. Compose a song

11. Novels

12. pc laptop
macs are a bit hard to navigate woith
unless you consider a iPad a mac then im all for the iPad

13. yes

14. yes totally

15. all three but if i were to pick it would be snakes

16. combo

17. Red Sox

18. glasses

19. no but i do follow around 70 blogs including yours

20. hip hop

Erin said...

1st entry- i would like to enter

2nd entry- i follow your blog

3rd entry- here ya go

4th entry- yupp, the picture is on my blog

the answers to the questions are on the post.