And the total collasal busy-ness starts.....oh yeah. Today.

Well, it's looking like a beautiful Saturday weather-wise! (And not to mention schedule-wise) I woke up really happy this morning, and I'm not really sure WHY, but maybe it's because all the crazy busy-ness pretty much starts today. (I thrive on a busy schedule if you haven't found that out already)

In a few minutes my mom and I are headed to the farmer's market which is one of my favorite Saturday rituals in the summertime. A little later we'll be going shopping too. I still need my dress for graduation and confirmation- but at least I already have the one I'm wearing to the 8th grade dance! I also need some shoes....

In the afternoon and evening we're going over to a friend's for their annual 'backyard bash' as they call it that they host every Memorial Day weekend. It's soooo much fun, and I can't wait!

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The Golden Eagle said...

Farmers' Markets are great. :) They're all over the place in my area.