*gasp!* Is it really May 13 already? Only one month from tomorrow until I graduate? I have to write the date on every school paper of course, but I guess the date didn't really stick until today! I looked down at my countdown in my planner and on my gmail and saw 21 days of school left. I looked at the weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds countdown on my iGoogle homepage and saw 4 weeks, though when I last remember looking at it it said 7! Time really flies doesn't it? Not to mention the countdown to final concert on the sidebar! 10 sectionals and 6 full band rehearsals????? That's just.........insane!


Eskän Landliff said...

I know, right Sally?
It's crazy! Today I was all like, "REALLY?! It's MAY 13? ALREADY?" Haha, wow, can't wait 'til summertime! Yes! Freeeeeeddoooommm!

Emma said...

Hi, Everyone!
It's Emma. I'm posting this on every blog. Over at my blog Summer Girl, I'm hosting a poetry contest. Yes, I know, not very original, right? The thing is, I haven't done much poetry and I'm not very good at it, so you'd all be helping me a lot to get me inspired and to see what everyone writes about.
I would love it if you would enter a poem! There are 3 winners (unless a lot of people enter), and I think you'll get an award of some sort if you win. Unless I can think up something better:)
So please join! The more people join, the better, because then more people get prizes and the more people help me be a better poet!

Thanks! Please stop by!