Messed Up Marching

Yeah. This was pretty much me by the end of our marching practice, except of course, I'm a girl. Let's see.....OH YEAH.

An 8th grader decided that his saxophone wold make a good weapon.

My rank forgot all the commands and started moving on two whistles and stopping on four even though it's supposed to be the opposite.

I'm pretty sure that I saw about five collisions.

Our field is basically one giant sinkhole. REAL great for marching on.

Need I say anymore? I mean, I think that most people were really trying hard, but it's just those few that get me over the edge. And now I have....homework. Only 18 more days Cornet Crazie.....only 8 more. Great. Now I'm talking to myself. :P


Bella said...

oh yes. if only all our marching practices could be as good as the first. THAT one was amazing.

and just to reassure people: although there is a small sinkhole in our field, it's not like we're all going to legit fall INTO the field at any given time. they probably wouldn't have us out there if that was the case. :)

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

LOL Bella. Yeah, I couldn't believe it that first practice. Mrs Barry was NOT happy today. *sigh* I wasn't too pleased either. And I might actually like it if some people were swallowed up by the sinkhole.