Many Things Including Cousins, Flowers, and Song

I guess this will just be a kinda of all around post, I don't really have a single topic.

First, my cousin is sooo cute! She's one and a half and I've had lots of fun playing with her. She's very funny too, and loves looking at pictures. It's so cute when she points at one and says "Mama." or "Dada".

There are lots of flowers around, and as soon as I finish typing this post I plan to grab my my camera and take a bunch of pics so look for a big pictures post when I return!!!

I'm really tired of language arts homework. Seven whole essays to be put in a booklet. YUCK!!!!!!! I'm only done with 4 1/2....

Finally, I'm going to be playing my trumpet at the memorial service on Saturday. I'm playing Amazing Grace but I'm just waiting for music that I can transpose and add my own twist to.

That's all for now!
--Cornet Crazie

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horse lover said...

COOL!The hill past the Horse Pasture (no horses anymore. BUT we built it ourself's!!! Electro braid...) and that hill has a bunch of flowers! I'll have to post some...