Fire! (and softball)

*Makes really sad crying face* No, my house didn't burn down. But the ice cream store down the street did last night!!! It is very sad because they had good ice cream, but they are trying to re-open as soon as possible. Plus it's such a landmark in our town! Here's a blurb about it that I found online:

Red's Dairy Fire

Fire broke out early Sunday morning at a South Portland landmark. Crews were called to Red's Dairy Freeze at 167 Cottage Road around 3 a.m. Investigators are not saying how the fire started or releasing any information about possible damage. A News 8 local viewer sent in photos and you can see smoke billowing from the building. Red's Dairy Freeze has been in business since 1952. Stay with News 8 and for updates on this story.

On a lighter note, I have 3 softball games today. We already played 2 of them and lost both (7,2    8,0) and I've got my last one at 7:15. Oh yeah! Under the lights! :) Also, I think I'll be getting Mein Kampf either tomorrow or Tuesday so that's something to keep me busy.


Eskän Landliff said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO, not the icecream store! We need our icecream! Especially for the summer! I'm sorry you've had to go through this dramatic even, Sally. Is there anything I could do for you? {dramatic voice}

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

LOL Eskan......LOL.