A Rap Song For A Post

Doing this a little differently today...a rap song about my day for my post! This should be interesting...

So the day started out
With a little of jazz,
But Mrs Barry said the mallet part
Lacked pizazz.

So I switched to trombone,
And she liked that better,
But then I was late to French class;
Don't do that ever! 

Then we had science testing,
All throughout the morning.
And won't lie,
It was very, very, boring!

With period four,
Comes my best class: band.
Where we play lots of music,
A trumpet in my hand.

Lunch was fun,
Eating salsa and chips,
But then it's back to science testing,
Question about an eclipse.

Finally we had free reading,
And I finished my book,
And then I ran off to chorus,
Where we do not learn to cook.

So that was my day at school.

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Eskän Landliff said...

That is so cool T^T I wish I could think stuff up like thaaaaaaatttt! ^u^ heehee~