Welcome to another Miscellany Monday! :) I love these- they are so much fun.

(1. Caramel Apples- So I really love caramel apples right? I mean, who doesn't? Well, at Funtown on Saturday they were selling some and I was SO excited. But then. Sadness. Because one caramel apple cost like $5!!!!! Crazy for a little piece of yummy fruit dipped in a sauce. Ridiculous. So, needless to say, I didn't buys one.

(2. Squidward. I'm assuming that most of you at least know what Spongebob is right? You know the character Squidward? Well, I honestly don't know what happened but sometime around last Thursday all these pictures of him started popping up all around the school. They're EVERYWHERE. Taped to computers and walls and lockers and whiteboards and doors.....sigh. It's getting on my nerves.

(3. Verb Blast. Round one of verb blast in French was.....EXCELLENT! What happens is that you have to conjugate six (irregular) verbs -totally correctly- to get a hundred....or else you get a zero. And you have to keep taking it until you get TWO one hundreds. I had to conjugate the verbs: être, avoir, aller, faire, pouvoir and vouloir. Happiness for me...I got a hundred first time and only need to do the same this Friday.

(4. Captains and Cruise Ships- OK so do any of you know the song Captains and Cruise Ships by Owl City? Starts like this:

I am stuck
In LA,
Through the week,
And can't get away.
And you're alone,
On the pier,
In West Palm beach,
On your holiday.

And then the refrain goes like this:

Old captains,
And brand new cruise ships,
Sailing across the briny seas.
I'll crash my bedraggled desk job,
And swim through the debris.

Well I had it on my playlist for a while and then it simply.....disappeared! I have no idea what happened to it, but I can't find it to put it back on and that makes me sad :'(


horse lover said...

Interestingly weird...(song missing)

Anonymous said...

hehe. would you believe I have never tried a caramel apple before? I know- shocking! :D I am glad French is going well for you!