The cry that was echoed all around the school today.

At lockers between classes:

"Did you do the math homework?''

"What math homework?!"


Our math teacher even got us. Yesterday we had our final 3rd term math test. Or we thought we did. The real test was today. It was a lot easier than yesterday's fake test.

But was best was what we did in jazz band. I always get there before Mrs Barry, and today I snuck XanFan in with me. He got out his trombone and sat down in that section. It was hilarious how long it took Mrs Barry to notice. We were laughing so hard. AND THEN...she counted us off for our first song - In A Sentimental Mood - A rather slow melodious tune, and everyone instead plays 'Stars and Stripes Forever', the Sousa march we do for the Memorial Day parade. All in all, it was pretty fun.

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