Jazzapalooza- The end of the road

Last night was our all-city jazz festival, dubbed 'Jazzapalooza', and I thought it was fun. This year, we actually were doing it at a restaurant that does jazz groups every Sunday nights which was a pretty cool change. Our training group was first, so I was rocking on the piano doing lots of improv and stuff like that. I liked the piano I was using. It was nice and loud, so I didn't have to bang on the keys. A little while later our performance group went up and it was seriously the best we've ever played those three songs. I wish the judges from states could've seen us then! My solo in 'In A Sentimental Mood' was finally played exactly as Mrs Barry had been wanting it all along and in 'The Jazz Police' I was able to play the way-high-above-the-staff stuff at the end with no problem at all. All in all it was an excellent performance by all! However, last night was also the end of the road for performance jazz in middle school. There's no looking back now though- On to spring jazz we go!

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