there may be.....a giveaway in the near future?

WOW! I guess I hadn't taken the time to view my followers gadget in a while because the last time I looked at it certainly didn't have as many people in it as it does now- A whopping 79 followers of Treble Clef! So I guess I owe it to you guys for being so great don't I? LOL. Anyway- here's the deal. If we get 85 followers (that's only 6 more....) before my 555 post (this is #533 so there's some time) we'll have a HUGE GIVEAWAY with say 5-10 prizes!!!!! So let's get those followers!

Here's the school log from yesterday-

French- Listened to and did speaking quizzes

Social Studies- Reviewed for today's test

Science- Did another boring lab

-Band Sectional-


Math- Pop quiz, then free reading

Language Arts- Test

-Full Band-

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