It's wet. Period.

I wish we could have some more days like last Wednesday. I also wish I had a million dollars. Darn. Didn't get either.'s been raining again, as you can tell. I guess that's just April for you! Anyway, after school, me and a couple other kids (6th graders and one 7th grader) were helping pack up some stands and rhythm section stuff for Mrs Barry to take for Jazzapalooza on Sunday. Well, yours truly, the oldest AND one of the smallest kids gets stuck with the keyboard bass. Typical.... We dragged the stuff outside, and then I was standing in a large, deep puddle while trying to load stuff, and the 6th graders weren't that helpful, they just stood around holding music stands over their heads 'cause they didn't want to get wet. That was pretty much how well my school day went, not to mention having a nosebleed all over my homework in math class. Gross. That was not fun. Here's today's log:

French- Quiz!!! :P

Social Studies- Watched movie and took notes

Science- Took notes in the lab



Math- Quick worksheet and the free reading

LA- discussing the book we're reading

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