Daybook, Dance, Job Shadow, Jazz Surprise, and other Easter related stuff

Date...April 3
Starting time...9:33 AM
Outside my skies with nice wispy clouds. It's supposed to get really warm today!
I'm thinking...about tomorrow's sunrise service
I'm reading...Harry Potter 7 and Saffy's Angel
I'm listening playlist
I'm wearing...jeans and t-shirt from Florida
Yesterday, I...went to the last dance of the year :)
I'm excited for...job shadow day!
I'm sad because...there's only 1 quarter left of school (which also makes me exceedingly happy)
I'm hungry for...tea and a bagel would be nice *waits for them to fall from the sky* or not.
The song stuck inside my head is...Stars and Stripes Forever (it's that time of year again...)
I want...It to be nice and warm out at the sunrise service tomorrow
I love... warm sun and green grass
I loathe...being bored
This week, my goal learn the new piano piece
Did I meet last week's goal?, but I'm all ready
Ending time...9:43
OK, this is going to be a rather all around post, but I'm busy girl so that's understandable! Firstly, last night was our last dance of the year, and my last middle school dance. (we still have the 8th grade social, but that doesn't count =D ) Anyway, it was retro themed and Bella and Super Gato had these awesome retro outfits! They were really fun to look at. Me? I just wore skinny jeans and an orange tank top, lol. Anyway, we had so much fun and it was totally the best dance of the year. It was sponsored by the related arts teachers, and for some reason they're a lot more energetic than core subject teachers, and the best part was that they didn't just stand up by the wall watching, but they were out dancing to which was often hilarious to watch! They finally played Dancing Queen for us (thanks to a special request by our French teacher) and our group had so much fun with our routine to that song. Also when they played Tik Tok me and Elr√°nia and Super Gato did our dance routine from the talent show, and I'm serious. EVERYBODY was watching us. They were standing up on the bleachers and crowding in a circle up front to see us which was super cool. So all in all, it was a fun night.

Now--Job shadowing! In 8th grade we get a job shadow day (this year April 14) where we get to go and, well, shadow someone with a profession that we might enjoy. I was able to get a place with the band director at the other middle school in our town, so I'm really excited for that!

Jazz surprise.....After our Jazzapalooza event on April 11, the two jazz bands come together with anyone else who wants to join, to form the Spring Jazz group. This is always an exciting, huge group. Anyway, yesterday Mrs Barry said that on this one song for Spring Jazz, Green Onions, she'd like to try something different and she'd like to play with the group in the saxophone section. And so she wants me to conduct the band! I'm so happy, this is going to be great :)

And finally, tomorrow is Easter. Alle- oops. Not supposed to say that word yet! :) I'm playing my trumpet out at the sunrise service that we hold by the ocean at six o'clock in the morning. I just hope it's not too cold! After, we'll do other stuff, go to the regular service at nine and in the afternoon have couscous dinner at my grandmother's. Fun! And then it's back to school...

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Ripplestar said...

SOME related arts teachers stood around at the walls *cough Mr. Huff cough Mr. Fluet cough*