anecdote-- please read

Good day at school...blah, blah, blah.

Anyway. Here's what I wrote at the top of Anecdote:

"For those of you who have sent in submissions already- THANKS! I've had 4 so far and they have been scheduled to post one at a time every other day with the first on May 1 and the last on May 7. Now here's the new part: Anyone who wants to can become an official author of Anecdote!!! Email me with the address that you want me to use to add you as a contributor, and you will have admin privileges! I'm going to do a new background/header and this blog is going *3 column!* The right one will basically what it has been and the left will be bios of the authors. ADVERTISE THIS ON YOUR BLOG AND EMAIL ME!"

My other blog, Anecdote is changing! As you probably know it used to be the place where Olive Tree and I shared our short stories and poems. But now, it's a lot for one person to handle. So I'm changing! First I asked for submissions, but now, I'm asking for you to become a contributor to this awesome blog! You don't have to post every day- maybe once a week or so, especially if we've got lots of people interested! So just email me at and tell me. It's extremely easy. Also, I got the new look up there, and it's really cool :)

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