Earth Day: A Story and Tips


I'd like to start with a little story. I find it funny, so enjoy!

ONCE UPON A TIME.....there was a teenager named Cornet Crazie. She loved many things, but three things especially. 1. Her family and friends and God 2. Music and all of her instruments 3. Her blog and everything about it. Because she loved her blog, Cornet Crazie decided that she was going to make it more interesting on holidays. She had so enjoyed the different looks over the Easter season so she decided to do it for EVERY holiday. Cornet Crazie grabbed her laptop, got it to Acorn (a Photoshop-like application), and her school planner which happened to have all the holidays in it. She flipped it to the current date (April 4) and started looking for the upcoming holidays. The first date with a holiday was April 22- Earth Day. She set to work creating a header with a pretty clip art Earth and a cute heart over it- opaqueness tampered of course. With swirly fonts the header was done. Cornet Crazie went through all the holidays in April-June loving all the holiday headers she made, but the Earth Day one was her favorite. She waited and waited, the headers saved on her desktop. Then, a few days before April vacation, Cornet Crazie's language arts teacher dropped the bomb. All their laptops were being taken away over vacation! She was not happy- but didn't even think about the headers. Yesterday, Cornet Crazie realized that today was Earth Day and that her header was on her laptop- at school. And that is the story of why there is no pretty Earth Day header today. THE END.

Here are 5 tips to save the Earth:

1. Plants give off oxygen- plan to plant a garden and heal the ozone!

2. Skip the shower today and save water

3. Cut down on TV time to save energy

4. Make sure your faucets and toilets aren't leaking

5. Make sure all your lights are LED or CFL



horse lover said...

HI! I LOOOOOOVE Apal, appel, appll, okay. I totally forgot how to spell apple... That was wierd.......
Apples to Apples! I LOVE IT! And I am about to plant a garden! YAYNESS!!!!!

The Golden Eagle said...

That's an unfortunate tale . . .