a conversation with two guest bloggers

Hello fabulous readers! Today we welcome two people to the Treble Clef stage: My brother XanFan2 and my grandmother who's over here today who we'll call 'Bee'. She kinda has an obsession with bees. I'll be in BLUE, XanFan will be in BLACK, and Bee will be in PINK. Say hi guys!

hi my name is bob

Hi, yes I'm Bee, and I'm bummed because it's cold and raining!!

I hate heavy rain in April! What about you XanFan? This weather's awful for whiffle ball!

i like pie it tastes good

Especially Bee's pie!!! YUM!

I'm not thinking about pie right now, just about the flowers in the garden and the BEES out there....

Like THIS bee?

Yeah. Like that bee.

flowers smell good

...except for the flower called a stinkpot.....I think it's a trillium.

YUCK! And isn't there one that smells of rotting human flesh?

its fun sitting on the couch

Well I'm sure you find that fun as it's your so-called natural habitat. But me, MY natural habitat is the auditorium and 201.

Well, my natural habitat is sitting on the bench in my garden, reading a good book, enjoying my coffee, smelling the flowers, watching the world go by....

cupcakes are good with pie

What is up with your randomness?

fireflies are bright

And the song Fireflies is awesome. I LOVE OWL CITY!!!

I don't think I'll be providing any cupcakes with any pie I make.  However, there are other things, like chocolate chips, or whipped cream, or pretzels.


Oh great.  Do NOT start on the Monty Python stuff. Anyway, I think we'll sign off now. Au Revoir!




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Buttercup said...

Hello Cornet Crazie,

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and for following! :)

I like your blog too!

I'll be comin' back!

In Christ,

Ripplestar said...

XanFan. Need I say more?