Chillin' In The Rain

No, I'm not actually in the rain. I'm curled up on the couch in the office/music room. It's really where I spend most of my time at home...Anyway, I'm chilling after my day at school (I forgot how much work we do there!). And yeah, I'm a little tired. And this tiredness is probably why I was extremely happy not to have homework (well, that always makes me happy) and when I got home I poured myself a cup of coffee, popped some popcorn and plopped down on the couch with my laptop, which is of course where I am now. It's very nice with the drizzly weather. Yeah. So go do something fun and relaxing and just chill and blog about it after, ok? Yeah. Whatever. Sorry this was short (again)


Ripplestar said...

i did not know you liked coffee.

horse lover said...

sounds cozy!!

horse lover said...

I like coffee 2! :) (Like my dogs on the front? Sadly I had another dream about Sophie. -Grey one- She came back. She was so happy to see me.......;0!!!! Whats worse is I'm positive she's not DEAD! But I don't know where she is...)