The picture above pretty much captures the feeling at the end of vacation. Hence, the title of this post. Because 'NOOOOOO IT CANNOT BE!!!' Is pretty much how I'm feeling about going back to school. (even though we *do* have tomorrow off as well) Sigh...I was just getting used to sleeping in and not getting up at 5:30 every morning-- lol. However, I'm on the home stretch now! In fact, 3 people in my family are. My mom, bwk, will be graduating from massage therapy school at the end of May, my brother, XanFan, is graduating 5th grade (moving out of elementary school, into junior high/middle school) on June 15 and I of course will be graduating 8th grade on June 14 and moving on to high school next year. Which ultimately means a lot of things (probably for all of us) 1. We don't have much new material to cover 2. We have lots of review 3. WE'LL PROBABLY BE HAVING GIANT TESTS AT THE BEGINNING ON JUNE. I don't mind the first two, but I could do without the third :) Anyhoo, that's where I'll be in these next two months or so: Studying, doing fun 8th grade stuff (like 8th grade dance, class trip to the lake, outdoor classes, section leaders for Memorial Day Parade, etc) and of course, feverishly preparing for the final concert- on June 9. It's going to be a great concert; I can just feel it. I'll be playing trumpet, cornet, trombone, mallets, singing in the chorus, and conducting a piece, so I've got LOTS to prepare for! Of course, I love it all so it's more pleasure and less work really :)

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