3...2...1...Randomness Blastoff!

I will open the dictionary to a random page and pick a random word. We shall see where this post goes from there...
The word is:
Well, I will start by saying that I certainly am doing a whole lot of grumbling about going back to school tomorrow.
I'm sure that my schoolmates Bella, Elrania, and Ripplestar are grumbling along with me.
Let's face it.
No one wants vacation to end!
But I don't want to waste this random post by talking about school, so I'm making an executive decision and changing the topic to:
Yes, this seems like a happier topic, does it not?
Unfortunately, I can grumble about bunnies too.
It wasn't really the bunnies that did anything. It was band camp two years ago.
You see, we were in our sectional, and the trumpet instructor was very..erm..odd.
Anyway, we were working on a piece that was called 'Portrait of a Clown' and we got to a section that was supposed to be light and bouncy.
Any reasonable band director would stop right there.
But no, he goes in this really high pitched voice, scrunches up his face and says-
"Like a bunny!"
And THAT sad tale is why I grumble about bunnies.
Except not the chocolate kind.
Anyhoo, this is turning into quite the rant, isn't it? I think we need *one* more topic.
What's that?
The last topic word is....
Yes! Finally something I don't have to grumble about because I like both kind of bats.
First, the sports kind.
You need a bat to go and hit a home run.
There I go again, stating the obvious.
So anyway. 
I grumble about wooden bats but I quite like the metal ones.
In fact I need a new bat...
For softball and beating up poor, defenseless, little bunnies. (jk)
Now the animal the bat is even cooler.
We're even going to get a bat house this year!!!
Isn't that sooo cool?
OK. That was fun.

Au Revoir!


The Golden Eagle said...

Last year, there were at least 4 bats in the rear porch of the apt.

They were cute, in their own sort of scuttle-y way, but it took a lot to get them out of the house. :p

Ripplestar said...

i certainly am GRUMBLING about getting up early...