One of the good 'ole days

Haha. Today has been pretty good- and what makes it even better is that there's still a bit more to come! This is going to be a kinda random post, but that's ok, right? Anyway.....

After breakfast me and XanFan and the cousins countinued our game 'War' (the card game) for a while and we brought the laptop out and listened to my playlist too. They love the Owl City, and so do I! Afterwards we went outside and XanFan and I threw the softball/baseball around and then all four of us went into a neighboring field for some whiffle ball. It was so nice out that when we were done, we ran back to the house exclaiming that we should have a picnic lunch over in the field! We did just that. It was very fun :) After lunch some storm clouds were rolling in but XanFan and I stayed outside and whipped the baseball back and forth for some more- even when it started to pour! Soon after, the clouds cleared up and we went on a two mile hike along the 'Shore Path'. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! Sadness. It was very pretty! We came home after that and watched the movie 'Old Dogs'. It was funny! LOL. Anyway, that's where we are now. We're about to have dinner- Everyone else is having meatloaf with bacon, but I've got myself a nice stuffed portebella mushroom! After supper is our evening ritual game of.....Apples to Apples! Best game on the planet if you ask me. Only other new news is that get ready for A new profile pic coming soon- I've been working on one these past few days with Xanfan. See ya!

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