25 reasons why i loooooove vacation

Let's see if I can actually get to 25, LOL.

  1. I can actually relax
  2. I can get through lots and lots of books
  3. I can be somewhere that's not my house
  4. I get to see other family members
  5. I get to hang with my buddy Olive Tree
  6. I get to stay up later
  7. I get to sleep in
  8. I don't have any homework
  9. There are very few responsibilities throughout the day
  10. There's so much more time for practicing instruments
  11. I actually have time to think
  12. I can go for walks and not worry that I should be doing something else
  13. I don't have to listen to my science teacher
  14. I don't have to lug my own weight in stuff around every day
  15. I can do crafts
  16. I have time to do quality writing
  17. I can go back and read previous blog posts that I've totally forgotten about
  18. I don't have to worry about that 'other side' of my life
  19. There's no chance on my SS/LA teacher getting mad at me
  20. I don't have to stare out the window- I can just go outside!
  21. I can take a million pictures
  22. I don't have to read books for LA- I can read whatever I choose
  23. I can really just get away
  24. I can be alone and just resting
  25. I can feel a whole lot free-er homework.......... for now- I AM FREE!

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horse lover said...

Ahhhh...Sounds nice... I'm truely happy for you! Thing is, lol, i get that all day! I'm homeschooled. The nieghbores are coming over today. AND IT'S RAINING!!! EEERRRRGG!! And we were going to film some more on this "Spy" movie we are making. Sheesh....*glares at sky* of all the rotten nerve....